We have known our wedding party for about 5 months now… Today Bryan (finally!) asked the groomsmen to be apart of our special day! I am so blessed to be around such a great group of guys. I already call them my family but I’ll be proud to actually be apart of their family soon!

3 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

  1. waneekah

    I happened to come across your blog when I was looking for “weddings” and in the past half hour i read your entire thing lol. I love how you are so happy in life, and are so excited about the wedding. Beautiful! Good luck to you and your fiance. I love weddings especially where there is so much excitement involved !

    1. cfink002 Post author

      I’m so glad you like my blog! I got caught up for a little while and didnt write but hopefully that’s changed! I’ve learned you’ve gotta be happy in life. I try to make the worst situations positive! Thank you so much! Are you getting married too? Or just looking? I read hundreds of wedding blogs before I got engaged (I’m really corny and girly… That’s ok!)


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